Saving images

1. Saving the current image

Click the Snapshot button from the export tool bar to launch the save dialog.

Note: All visible elements will be exported on the image. Drawings, Stopwatches, Paths, Grids, Magnifier, etc.

2. Saving a Sequence of Images

Use the Sequence button from the export toolbar to save a sequence of images taken at regular intervals.

Using the frequency selector (indicated by the red arrow on the following snapshot), choose the time interval between each exported image.

Click the Save button to choose the file name.
Images filenames will be automatically created from the name you specify and a suffix corresponding to the position in the video.

For example, indicating "image" in the saving dialog may yield the following series of files:

image-001.jpg, image-002.jpg, image-003.jpg, etc.

Note: The suffix format depends on the current time representation. See Preferences for the available time representations.

You can also export only the Key Images using the Export Key Images only option.
In this case, all the Key Images will be exported, without taking into account the frequency specified.

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