Using the capture screen

The capture screen allows you to receive the live stream from your camera directly in Kinovea.
You can use it to record videos to your hard drive for later analysis. The delay on the live stream allows you to perform self coaching, and unattended visual feedback. You can also stop the live feed and browse the recent action.

1. Selecting the capture screen

To start using the capture feature, simply open a capture screen by clicking the Capture Screen button on the main toolbar .

If you have a camera connected to your computer you should start seeing its images right away. If no camera is found, an error message will pop-up. Check that the camera is correctly plugged into the computer and switched on. The camera itself can be either in record or playback mode.

If you have several cameras connected, the first one will be selected automatically. You can change the source later, see Camera configuration

2. Supported devices

Kinovea capture screen supports the following type of cameras or devices:

Type of camera Typical connection
DV camcorder Firewire (IEEE1394)
HDV camcorder Firewire (IEEE1394)
Webcam USB
Network camera┬╣ Ethernet, Wifi
Analog-to-digital converter Firewire (IEEE1394)
HDMI capture card or box Internal card, USB 3.0

┬╣ Cameras streaming to MJPEG or JPEG streams are supported.

Camcorders based on hard drive, DVD or Flash memory are often not capable of streaming directly to the computer. Their USB cable can only be used for post filming transfer. It is still possible to use these camera when they have an HDMI out port. In such a case you need an HDMI input extension card in the computer or a dedicated HDMI digitizer hardware.

3. Drawing tools

Many tools available in the Playback screen are also available in the Capture screen. They can be used to create reference frames and alignment guides for live analysis.

The drawings will appear on the videos and images you record through the capture screen recording function.
See the list of drawing tools for further information.

4. Pausing capture

To pause the live feed from the camera use the play/pause button:
This will freeze the capture of images. To start capturing again, click the same button.

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