Checking if updates are available

The "Check for Available Updates" dialog box gathers all the functionality to discover and download the latest version of the software and help system components.

Launch the dialog box through the menu Options > Check for Available Updates…
An Internet connexion is required. If you do have a connexion available but an error message appears, make sure your firewall lets Kinovea connect to the Internet. The dialog breaks down into three tabs that you can access by clicking on the icon for each type of update.

1. New version of the software

The "Software" tab lets you download the very latest Kinovea version.
Click the "Download" button, choose a directory on your hard drive to put the new install program into.
Launch the download by clicking OK.

Once the operation is complete, close Kinovea and launch the file. It will guide you through the installation of the new version.

2. New resources in "User Guide"

User guides can improve and get corrected, new translations can become available.
Check the box relating to the manuals you want to download and click "Download". Manuals are automatically saved at the right location on your hard drive.
They will be reached through the menu Help > Kinovea Help… depending on the language you will have chosen for the interface.

3. New resources in "Help Videos"

Help Videos available can also be modified and completed by new ones.
Check boxes of videos that interest you and click "Download". Videos for which you already have the latest version do not appear in the list.

Videos are automatically saved and will be available through the menu Help > Video Tutorials….

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