Keyboard shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Show the User's Manual F1
Show or Hide file explorer F4
Launch the Open File dialog box CTRL + O
Undo last command CTRL + Z
Redo the last canceled command CTRL + Y
Play or Pause video Space bar / Return
Pause video Esc
Go to previous image Left Arrow
Go to next image Right Arrow
Go to first image Home
Go to last image End
Increase speed to the next 25% spot Up Arrow
Decrease speed to the next 25% spot Down Arrow
Increase speed by 1 CTRL + Up Arrow
Decrease speed by 1 CTRL + Down Arrow
Key images
Add a key image F6
Delete current key image CTRL + Del
Go to previous key image CTRL + Left Arrow
Go to next key image CTRL + Right Arrow
Start or Pause frame grabbing Space bar / Return
Increase delay to the next 25% spot Left Arrow
Decrease delay to the next 25% spot Right Arrow
Increase delay by 1 CTRL + Left Arrow
Decrease delay by 1 CTRL + Right Arrow
Start/Stop recording CTRL + Space bar / CTRL + Return
Stop recording Esc
Zoom in Plus sign
Zoom out Minus sign
Deinterlace CTRL + D
Mirror CTRL + M
Grid CTRL + G
Perspective grid CTRL + P
Comparison and Synchronization
Activate the other Playback screen CTRL+Tab
Go to synchronization Image F8
Synchronize back the videos after an individual browse F9

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