A microscope for your videos

Kinovea is a video player for all sport enthusiasts.

Slow down, study and comment the technique of your athletes or of yourself.

It is 100% free and open source.

Or try the experimental version.


Simple yet powerful

We strive to build a software simple enough for use in classroom and powerful enough for olympic training.

Image from Manchester Metropolitan University

Observe and show

Enrich the video by adding arrows, descriptions and other content to key positions.


Observe two videos side by side and synchronize them on a common event.

Video courtesy of Synergy-ProTraining.de


Measure distances and times manually or use semi-automated tracking to follow points and check live values or trajectories.


Export your analysis to spreadsheet formats for scientific study and further processing.

Part of an ecosystem

Check our friends at Longomatch and Chronojump for other open source projects in the domain of sports.

Want to help?

Non profit organization

The Kinovea project is backed up by the Kinovea organisation based in France. Our expenses are covered by member subscriptions and users donations.
If you like Kinovea and want to contribute to further developments, you can subscribe or donate to the organisation: in English, en Fran├žais.

Get involved

Kinovea welcomes all contributions to the project. You can contribute translations, testing, user support, user experience and user interface design, documentation or development. Check the contribution page for more information.